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Jack Junks Scraps LLC performs environmentally-friendly processing and recycling of ferrous & non-ferrous metals.


We have a team of proffessional logistics services to deliver our products to our customers nationwide. And a reliable shipping company for our exports.


Our environmentally-friendly scrap yard and recycling facilities ensure all DE manufacturing process are recycled no matter their value– even at our own expense.

Non-ferrous Metals Recycling

We are in the business of non-ferrous metals recycling. We buy, processes, and sells all grades of non-ferrous scrap metal. Non-Ferrous scrap consists of base metals that are non-magnetic.

Ferrous Processing

Ferrous scrap metal is the base metal that sticks to a magnet. Jack Junks Scraps LLC offers ferrous processing, buys and sells all grades of scrap metal, which creates a major benefit to our environment.

Paper Recycling

We operate an effective paper recycling program, we have available all kinds of paper scraps, cardboard, and other paper waste.

Why Choose Us?

At Jack Junk Scrap LLC, our tompmost priority to is our customer's satisfaction. For this reason, we go extra miles to build and sustain our customers needs in terms of quality goods and services.

Our Solutions

Jack Junks Scrap LLC has more than a decade of expertise in ferrous and non-ferrous metal processing. Servicing individual as well as commercial and municipal accounts, we work both locally and nationally to provide top quality service with the best value for our customers.
We understand that the manner in which we serve our customers is equally as important as the services we provide. By conducting business with integrity, responsibility and concern for the environment, we provide maximum value to our customers and create a safe workplace for employees, and set a strong ethical example for others in our industry.
At Jack Junks Scrap LLC, we pride ourselves on innovative thinking, by providing our customers with the most state of the art equipment available in the industry today. By specializing in scrap metal recycling and brokerage we can provide an orderly flow of scrap metal from the manufacturing through to the recycling process so it may be used again for the industry.
With our state-of-the-art computers, we provide a complete analysis of your material to give you the most for your money. We handle all types of non-ferrous and ferrous metals, and pricing depends on daily market rates. From raw materials to finished products, such as radiators or electric motors, we handle a variety of metals in every combination.

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